By A de Castro with extracts from the book ‘Angel Journey’ by Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain

The Clowns are like Angels.

The consciousness is both human and divine, physical and metaphysical. Being divine messengers, the clowns and the angels move easily and effortlessly between the dimensions of spirits and human – both of which reside within all of us.

“Every clown is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”

The clowns and angels bridge the gap not only between heaven and earth but also between our own human and higher selves, leading us to an acceptance of our physical natures and an awareness of our inner wisdom and show us how to delight in it as well. At the same time, they take us beyond this limited reality into the infinite realm of the soul, where the answers that we seek and the secrets we yearn to know are waiting to be revealed to us.

While our rational, logical society discounts things of the imagination as unreal, in fact the imagination is our direct line to true intelligence and greatness. It is in the womb of imagination that the great inventions of the world are conceived, the great works of art envisioned. It is through our imaginations that we connect with the future and meet the clowns/ fools in the purest form. When we are in an imaginative state, we are completely open to all sorts of possibilities, and highly receptive to a clown’s guidance. And that guidance, if followed, tends to turns imaginings into happenings. Your most impossible dreams are, indeed, all in your imagination – just waiting to become reality.

The imagination, then, is a most profound reality. It is not a place that we create through fantasy, a world that we simply made up. The imagination is actually the operations room of the soul, the place where we connect to our deepest and highest selves. Why else Albert Einstein have declared, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”? Einstein, after all, understood more deeply than most that meaning and truth exist above and beyond the limits of our logical, practical minds. Because he was given to daydreaming and allowed images to speak to him, Einstein was able to transcend physical reality and formulate his astounding theory of relativity. Those who knew him likened him to an artist more than a scientist, one who made his discoveries not through scientific experimentation but through intuition. Einstein respected the imagination as the birthplace of creativity – in this case, the kind of creativity that would alter society’s perception of the entire universe.

A Buddhist monk of the fourteen-century declared the imagination to be the doorway to the perception of “all truth”. To those in the know, the imagination is the place, not where reality ends, but where it begins.

When the imagination works, everything works. The entire psyche regains courage; life regains its goals; passion rediscovers hope. A sick, weak, hesitating and blocked imagination can be restored to a state of healthy effectiveness by means of a well directed image.

As we learn to trust in our imaginations, we will find ourselves making connections we never thought of, which in turn will direct us towards the clarity we are seeking.

Clowns/Fools are both messengers and the message itself. They are always positive, always pointing towards the light, even in times of difficulty or painful transition.

The clowns/ fools are unconditionally loving. We need to love and forgive ourselves unconditionally to be able to clown.

(extracts from the book ‘Angel Journey’ by Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain)